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How do I set up a user on my business account?

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Your business account allows you to add users with a separate login and the ability to limit access to certain features through varying levels of permissions, ensuring they only access information they need. Users will no longer have shared logins; each user can have their own access and permissions set up by you using separate credentials.

If your business is owned by more than one person, one owner will be able to establish roles and add users, including the other business owner(s).

Please note: To enhance account security, Chicago business members will need to re-authorize any users who had access to your business account before the upgrade.


To add users to your business account:

  • Log into online banking.
  • Go to the Business Admin section and select Roles.
  • Add a role (such as business manager, accountant, etc.) and assign the role permissions and limits.
    • For example, you may want to give your business manager access to pay bills and transfer funds (you can even set dollar limits), view accounts and access statements. For your accountant, you may only want to give them permission to view statements.
  • Once a role is created, click on user to add a new user to your account. You’ll need their name, email and phone number. Assign the user to the appropriate role.
  • Once entered by you, an email invitation will be sent to your new users with the username and password you created for them. They will be prompted to change their password upon logging in.