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How to Transfer Money to Another Member

To send money to another Verve member, you can add their account to your list of transfer destination accounts.

  1. To add another Verve member or business, log into online banking and select the ‘Add Account’ option and then ‘Internal Account.’
  2. Then enter the recipient’s information (last name or business name)
  3. Next, choose the verification method.
  4. Enter the member’s (or business’s) full account number and give the account a nickname.
  5. We will send a message to the recipient notifying them of this connection.
  6. You will receive a verification code, which must be entered within 15 minutes to complete the set up.
  7. Once the recipient account is verified, it will be set up as a destination account when you go to ‘Transfers’ and click on ‘Classic.’
  8. Now you can start transferring money to the other Verve member’s account.