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Positive Pay

Protect your business from unauthorized transactions

Positive Pay is a fraud detection tool that can help protect your business from unauthorized checks and ACH debit transactions.

Easy to use, timesaving, and an excellent defense against counterfeiting. Be proactive. Get started today.

Detect and prevent fraudulent transactions.

Checks and transactions that have their payment amounts altered or come from stolen check stock will be flagged. It’s an easy way to prevent fraud and monetary losses.

Verve offers two options—Check Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay.

Choose one or both, based on your business needs. To learn more or sign up, call 800.448.9228 and select option #5.

How Check Positive Pay works

  1. Create an online file with each check’s issue date, serial number, and dollar amount.
  2. Verve will verify the checks and notify you if any records do not match.
  3. You can approve or deny transactions in question.

How ACH Positive Pay works

  1. Create a whitelist of companies that are approved to debit your account.
  2. Verve will notify you if an unapproved company debits your account.
  3. You can deny the transactions or approve it and add the company to your whitelist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Positive Pay necessary?

All businesses are candidates for payment fraud. Positive Pay allows business users to stop unauthorized check and ACH payments and trigger actionable alerts so business account holders can authorize transactions quickly. It is easy to use and can save you time, effort, and money by reducing the potential for fraud.

How do you use Positive Pay?

Check Positive Pay will match checks issued by a company with checks it presents for payment. If the checks do not match, then you will be notified.

ACH Positive Pay will check the companies approved to debit your account. If an unapproved company tries to debit your account, then you will be notified.

What are the benefits of ACH payments?

  • Speed and convenience
  • Low cost
  • Security
  • Faster processing time