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Savings Account

Name Your Savings.

They say writing down your goal gives you a better chance of accomplishing it, and we think the same goes for saving money.

Whatever you’re saving for, Verve can help you select the right savings plan that works for you.

With our Name Your Savings account, you can put your dream’s name on the account—like “Joe’s Big Screen TV” savings account. It puts your goals in writing and makes it tougher to spend funds on anything else but your dream purchase. Dreaming of lots of things? Members can open up to 10 sub-accounts using one main account number with a different “suffix” or “ending” number. Maintain a minimum of $100 to earn dividends.

AccountDividend RateAPY

All savings rates are stated as Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Dividends compound monthly. Minimum balance of $100 to earn dividends. Fees or other conditions could reduce the earnings on the account. The dividend rate and annual percentage yield may change at any time as determined by the Credit Union’s Board of Directors.

Rates current as of May 24, 2022.