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How do I link an external account using online banking?

You can link an external account to Verve by using online banking. This service is free, and transfers take 2-3 business days for funds to arrive.
  1. After logging in, select ‘Transfer’ from the Transfer + Pay menu
  2. Choose the ‘classic’ tab
  3. Select “Add an account to make a transfer”
  4. Select ‘External Account Add’ and follow the prompts to complete the validation.
  5. A small deposit will be sent to the account you linked. This can take up to three days to appear. When you see those two small deposits in your other account, write the two amounts down, you’ll need to type them into your Verve account.
  6. Log into your Verve online banking and confirm the deposit amounts. The verification can be found on your main dashboard or under ‘Help + Settings’, ‘Settings’, ‘Accounts’ tab. Click the confirm button and enter the two small dollar amounts.
  7. Your account will be linked allowing you to easily view your balances and make transfers to and from this account.