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Can I cancel/stop payment on a check or online payment?

Yes, you can stop payment on both checks and ACH payments by logging into online banking. Select Services then Check Services, stop payments can be placed by selecting New Stop Pay Request. You can also request a stop payment by calling 800.448.9228 or visiting a branch.

There is a $15 fee to stop payment on a check online or in person.

To stop a payment in bill pay, login to online banking within one business day of the scheduled transfer and edit payment details (either canceling the payment or changing the payment date). There is no fee to stop payment if you contact Bill Pay directly.

If you need to stop payment on an online payment/electronic transfer that was not set up in Bill Pay but on another website (such as your cable provider, an online retailer, etc.), try canceling the payment within their site. If that is not an option, you must provide a written request to Verve to stop payment at least three days in advance of the scheduled payment.

Pending debit card transactions cannot be stopped by Verve. If you think you have entered your debit or credit card information into a fraudulent website, please call 800.448.9228 or visit a branch near you, and a team member will help you review your account for charges you did not authorize.