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What’s the difference between Overdraft Protection and Overdraft Protection Plus?

Overdraft Protection* protects your checking account from being overdrawn when you write a check and your account is a little shy of the amount needed for the check to clear by transferring funds from an account you designate (savings, money markets, etc.). Overdraft Protection Plus also covers your debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals, meaning your card won’t be denied at the register or ATM when your account is running short.

*This service is based on credit qualification, approval, and good standing with the credit union. This service can be canceled at any time. Charges are only assessed when there are not enough funds in your account. A $10 overdraft fee will be deducted from your checking account. Please note, if you have not designated an account for funds to be transferred from, your transaction will incur a $32 service charge for courtesy pay transactions that take accounts to a negative balance. See Overdraft and Overdraft Fees disclosure for more details.