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Verve, a Credit Union, is pleased to announce the promotion of Jordan Destree to Assistant Vice President of Brand + Design. Since joining the credit union in 2009, Destree has been a key driver in the evolution of Verve’s brand and marketing strategy.

Destree’s contributions are evident in Verve’s most widely recognized marketing concepts, from Merv, the quick-witted, straight-shooting brand spokesman, to campaigns like Payment Free Summer and Pumpkin Spice Loan. More recently, his innovation and vision spearheaded the creation of the Fraud Squad, an award-winning action-packed public awareness and literacy campaign—in partnership with local law enforcement—that aims to curb the devastating effects of fraud and scams in our communities.

“Technological advancements and rapidly changing consumer expectations have created a need for organizations to establish themselves as incubators of innovation,” said Karrie Drobnick, Chief Operating Officer at Verve. “Jordan’s considerable talent and inclusive leadership style allow us to do that, to be agile while performing at peak efficiency. His work captures the spirit of our organization; there is no better fit than Jordan to be leading our design initiatives.”

As AVP of Brand + Design, Destree will incorporate mindful design into all areas of the Verve experience, optimizing team member collaboration to find creative solutions to business problems and identifying user experience opportunities across all touchpoints and channels. He will drive strategies to attract new members and deepen relationships with current members.

“Design is more than aesthetics, styling, and appearances,” said Destree. “It can be a powerful tool for framing problems and ensuring that what is being addressed is worth tackling. We believe the best designed products and services do more than solve problems—they connect people and ideas.”