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Verve is more than a name to us. It’s more than a credit union. It’s a lifestyle. An approach. A way of life. It’s how we challenge the status quo to better serve the needs of others so we can all live fuller, richer, and more impactful lives.

As we look back at 2023, Verve team members supported over 250 organizations and contributed $230,000 in donations, sponsorships, and scholarships to our local communities. We assembled first aid kits, care packages, dressers, porch chairs, and Trunk or Treat giveaways. We visited and walked rescue animals, tended gardens, tidied beaches, and joined spring and fall cleanup crews. We chipped in with fun, games, and prizes at schools, community centers, charity races, art shows, fundraisers, golf outings, concerts—and so much more in between.

We are honored to give back—when we can, what we can, as often as we can—because we know that our contributions, however large and small, ultimately help build stronger, happier, and healthier communities. And that’s what really matters.

We’re all in this together.