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We are thrilled to share that Verve was recognized with the 2024 Kids & Community Award by the Oshkosh Boys & Girls Club for demonstrating community leadership in support of the club. It’s an incredible honor. In addition to individual team members who volunteer at the club on their own, as an organization we have pledged $1 million to the club’s Capital Campaign, serve as a sponsor for the club’s annual WineFeast fundraiser, run various fundraising drives, and support their other major events.

We are humbled to be able to give back and are committed to caring and compassionate service. That’s because Verve is more than a name to us. It’s more than a credit union. Verve is a lifestyle. An approach. A way of life. It’s authenticity and enthusiasm and a little special something. Attention, maybe. Or intention. Whatever it is, it’s finding joy in who and what is right in front of you and wanting to share it with others. It’s making the most of the small everyday things instead of relying on the occasional grand gesture. It’s the approach of taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary, of taking the mundane and making it magical.

So while we celebrate this award from the Oshkosh Boys & Girls Club—and we are both proud and humbled to accept it—what we really hope is that it inspires you to get out there and live a little more fully, to include others along the way, and have a blast doing it. Today and every day.

That’s Verve.