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Did you know that more than one-third of people choose their primary financial institution based on how close it is to their home? And that makes sense. But with technology being as amazing as it is these days, convenience doesn’t have to rely on proximity. You can choose your primary financial institution based on other qualities and characteristics—things like trust, personalization, values, and return on investment. As you weigh your options between a bank and a credit union, you may find yourself wondering:

What exactly is the difference between a bank and a credit union? 

Allow us to break it down for you in general terms.

Credit unions are built on the idea of people helping people.

We believe that when resources are pooled together, all participants thrive. This cooperative approach not only allows us to help our members succeed financially but also allows us to drive innovation, improve the member experience, and be responsive to the needs of our communities. At Verve, we strive to live out the meaning of our name. We are enthusiastic, energetic, strong, and driven on behalf of those who bank with us.

Come see for yourself. Click here to join now and experience the Verve Difference.