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Learn how to spot fake gaming offers and shield your information from unwanted attacks.

With more than 125 million players around the globe, Fortnite, the open-world survival game, has built a following from gamers of all ages. The game—like many other online gaming platforms—has also found itself the target of fraudsters hoping to make a buck by offering “free” in-game money and hacks. Learn how to spot fake gaming offers and shield your information from unwanted attacks.


The Scam

Fraudsters create fake websites claiming to give you free in-game money and ask you to enter your username and personal details like your name, email address, and date of birth. Others, including videos with tips and hacks for advancing in the game, claim to have discounted features and upgrades and ask you to enter your credit card information, only to never give you the product you purchased. Or, you may find yourself locked out of your account if a fraudster has been trying to log in with invalid information.

What you can do

Making in-game purchases in Fortnite and other games is not a bad thing, but you should ONLY make purchases in the game itself—not through outside sources like websites and videos that promise discounts or hacks. And if you have a kid or teen using a gaming system or iPad to play, be sure to set restrictions, passcodes and create child accounts to prevent unwanted purchases, and have conversations about how to avoid scams and what purchases are allowed.

How Verve can help.

We’re constantly on the lookout for scams and will take immediate action if we catch fraudulent activity. If you think you have been a victim of a scam, call us at 800.448.9228, and a team member can help you address any concerns.

It’s Verve’s goal—in line with our seven guiding Cooperative Principles—to provide education, training and information to help our members avoid financial scams and stay financially fit. Verve is committed to keeping our members educated when it comes to their finances by providing details on recent scams and ways to stay safe. Help keep your family and friends safe online by sharing this information on gaming scams.