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Pop Quiz:

What do the following activities have in common?

  • Shop for groceries, clothes, holidays, etc.
  • Hunt for your dream house
  • Reserve library materials
  • Plan vacations
  • Find recipes
  • Learn hobbies and skills
  • Pay bills
  • Store your music and media


You can do it all online!

Online access is a game changer. It saves us time, money, and headaches. It’s so incredibly convenient. Why not enjoy that same convenience with your financial documents?

Here are three reasons you should switch to eDocuments with Verve.

  1. It’s more secure. Snail mail has become a common and easy target for scammers. The good news is you can reduce that risk. With eDocuments, your financial statements, tax forms, and notices are posted directly in your online account, which means you can access them at any time using your secure login information. Tip: To make your secure login process even more secure, log in to online banking, go to Settings > Security, and turn on two-factor authentication.
  2. It’s tidier. Papers and mail can pile up when you don’t need them and vanish when you do. With eDocuments, your financial documents are stored out of sight and out of mind, keeping your living space tidy and stress-free. When you need them, you know exactly where to find them.
  3. It’s better for the environment. Go Green. Using eDocuments is an environmentally friendly choice. Being good stewards of our resources is not only the decent thing to do—it’s the Verve thing to do.

Ready to get started?

You can sign up for eDocuments in online banking or our mobile app using the steps outlined below:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Select Accounts.
  3. Select Statements and Notices.
  4. Select Subscribe to receive eDocuments.


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