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According to the Federal Trade Commission, there are five easy ways to keep tabs on your identity and personal information. They are:

  1. Read your credit card statements carefully and often.
  2. Know your payment due dates. If a bill doesn’t show up when you expect it, look into it.
  3. Read your health insurance plan statements. Make sure Claims Paid matches the care you got.
  4. Shred documents with personal and financial information.
  5. Review your credit reports at least once a year.

Did you know that most communities provide a service where you can shred documents with personal and financial information for a cheap price?

Take Oshkosh, the hometown of our corporate office.

That giant stack you’ve been meaning to shred? Make time to get that done. Get it done annually, monthly, or bi-weekly. Whichever you choose, it’s one simple step you can take now to help secure your identity this year. And every step in that direction matters.

Click here to learn more about Identity Theft Awareness Week.

How the Fraud Squad can help 

The Fraud Squad provides education about common scams to retailers and consumers. The program helps raise awareness of common scams so they can more easily recognize the lies and avoid phone, email, social media, gift card and other scams to help them protect their financial health and wealth. Learn more about ways to safeguard your finances at

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