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We’ve compiled frequently asked questions related to tax preparation, from tax documents to direct deposit and everything in between.

What is Verve’s routing number?
Verve’s routing number is 275981187. 

What is my state code and payer’s state number?
The Wisconsin state code is 55 and our State ID number is 036000025060604.

Where do I find my savings account or checking account number?
To verify that you are using the correct account information: 

  • Log into online banking and select your designated account. Your partial account number (the last six digits) will be displayed. 
  • Click on the “eye” icon to view your full account number. 

If you need help verifying your account information, please contact us at 800.448.9228 and a team member will be happy to assist you. 

IMPORTANT: Never share your account information with anyone asking for it unexpectedly or if you are not able to verify the legitimacy of their request. When in doubt, stop the interaction and contact Verve. 

What kind of tax forms will I receive from Verve?
The two most common types of tax forms you may receive are 1099-INT (reports the dividends/interest earned on deposits) and/or 1098 (provides information about interest paid on each mortgage loan). 

When will I receive my forms?
Government regulations require that tax information is postmarked by January 31. The only exception is that IRA/HSA forms are not mailed until after the tax deadline due to the ability to make previous year deposits.   

How will I receive my forms?
You will receive tax forms by mail. 

Will I receive an individual 1099-INT for each deposit account?
No. You will receive a single form totaling all the dividends you received on your deposit accounts for which you are the Tax Reported Owner (TRO). 

Will I receive a separate 1099-INT if I redeemed a bond?
If you have other dividends and a bond redemption, interest for both will be combined on a single 1099. If you have ONLY a bond redemption, the 1099 will reflect only the interest earned on the bond. 

Why didn’t I receive a 1099-INT?
You may not receive a 1099-INT if you earned less than $10 in interest. If you believe you should have received a form, please call us at 800.448.9228. 

Who should I contact if I have questions about my taxes?
For specific tax-related questions or advice, please consult a tax professional. For questions related to your accounts, you can contact us via, secure message in online banking, email to [email protected], phone at 800.448.9228 and/or in-person at any branch location.