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Does the imminent end of summer have your kids down in the dumps?

You: Great news, kids! You head back to school in LESS THAN A MONTH! Woo!

Your kids: But… but… Summer just started!

We get it. Sunshine, warm weather, free time in excess. It’s the best. The good news is that the transition back to school can be equally awesome. This month, we invite you to make back-to-school shopping an opportunity to establish new traditions and build great memories with your kids. Here’s how.

Share the load.

Give your kid their school list and a budget*. Have them look online to find the fun stuff, the best deals. Make it a game or competition. Let them formulate a plan of attack. Which stores will you visit? In which order?

*According to Forbes, “The average household is expected to spend $890 on back-to-school shopping before K-12 classes are back in session this fall.”

Build anticipation.

Circle the date on your calendar. Make it visible. This is your excuse to talk about it, to count down the days to the big event. You can also plan something fun to start, break up, or wrap up the day—like having a picnic, grabbing some ice cream, or going bowling.

Be intentional about how you structure your time together.

One option is to go all together. Create a meaningful shared experience. The more the merrier, right? There are plenty of benefits to shopping together, not least that the older kids can help the younger kids—and, ideally, you get your shopping all done in one fell swoop. Then again, too many cooks in the kitchen can easily lead to exhaustion, frustration, exasperation, and grumpiness. But you’ll be the best judge of what works for your family.

Another option is to take the kids one at a time. Is one of your children feeling left out? Or maybe a better way to put it would be: Which of your children would really benefit from some quality time with you?  Obviously, this option requires more of a time commitment, but then again, there is something glorious about one-on-one time. There is a specific window of time in which children love to hog their parents. There will come a second window in which it’s closed. Build those memories and relationships now. While you can.

Commemorate the day.

Take pictures. Sit around the kitchen table and share highlights from the day with the whole family. Make a social media post so that it pops up in your memories. Write an email to your future self. Good things are meant to be shared. (That’s verve, too.)

It’s not too early to start planning for next year.

Check out our Pick Your Payout savings account, ideal for savers who want a certain amount saved and available by a specific end date. Such as back-to-school shopping in August! Any funds you save to this account transfer to your regular savings in the month you pick as your payout. Earn a higher rate when you save with a goal in mind. $100 minimum to earn dividends.

You don’t have to break the bank to make it a verve-filled summer—one marked by quality time, joy, laughter, and life in abundance. Plan ahead to take advantage of great products from Verve and turn your mundane tasks into magical, memorable experiences.


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