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Some Verve members are being targeted by scammers using Caller ID Spoofing. Here is what you need to know.


What is “Caller ID Spoofing”?  

It is when scammers falsify information transmitted to your Caller ID. In this case, they are trying to trick our members by making it look like their phone call is coming from Verve.

How is the scam playing out?

  1. The scammer somehow gains access to your personal information, specifically your debit or credit card number and phone number.
  2. The scammer prepares a fraudulent transaction using your card. Before placing the transaction, they call you using Caller ID Spoofing.
  3. You check the Caller ID. It says it’s from “Verve”, “Verve, a Credit Union”, “800.448.9228” or some variation thereof (even though it’s not), and so you answer it.
  4. The scammer pretends to be a Verve team member making a courtesy call. They inform you that you are about to receive a fraud alert text message and that they’ll stay on the line to walk you through it.
  5. The scammer places the fraudulent transaction, prompting the fraud alert text message to send to your phone.
  6. The scammer instructs you to indicate that the charge in question is valid. It’s obviously not, but if you hesitate, they are good at pressuring, confusing, or cajoling you to trust them and follow their instructions. Placing the call from “Verve” lends the scammers legitimacy.

What should you do if you receive an unsolicited phone call from Verve?

Hang up. Instead of receiving the phone call, initiate the phone call. Call us directly at 800.448.9228.

Please Note: Verve will never call you about an upcoming fraud alert text message with instructions to mark it valid.

On that note, Verve will never call you and ask you for your card number, account number, social security number, or other sensitive information.


How Verve and Fraud Squad can help

Our Fraud Squad provides education about common scams to retailers and consumers. The program helps raise awareness of common scams so they can more easily recognize the lies and avoid phone, email, social media, gift card and other scams to help them protect their financial health and wealth. 

If you think your Verve account is at risk because of any scam, call Verve at 800.448.9228. One of our team members can look at your account with you to verify there are no suspicious transactions, help you cancel your card if you’ve entered your number into a questionable website, as well as guide you on how to safeguard your account against fraud. 

It’s Verve’s goal to provide education, training, and information to help our members stay financially fit. Verve is committed to keeping our members educated when it comes to their finances by providing details on financial risks and ways to stay safe. 

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