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Filing a tax return? Having your refund deposited directly into your Verve account gives you immediate access to your money, but only if you give your tax preparer or online tax service the correct information.

Even if you already have automatic transactions coming to your account, please double-check your routing (Verve’s routing number is 275981187) and account numbers in online banking before you file your taxes. Using incorrect routing and account numbers could cause your tax return to be deposited into someone else’s account or rejected. If it is rejected, the IRS or state will send a check via snail mail, which will delay your tax return.

To verify that you are using the correct account information:

  1. Log into online banking and click on the account you’d like your refund to be deposited in to.
  2. You will see your partial account number is displayed.
  3. To view the full number, click on the “eye” icon.
  4. Make sure this account number matches the number you are using for your tax returns.

Need help double-checking your account information? Call 800.448.9228 and select option 4 to have a team member help you. As a reminder, Verve’s routing number is 275981187.