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Our Random Acts of Verve crew has been busy springing up in our communities to share a little sunshine with small acts of kindness. Check out the creative ways our team members have been spreading the love. 

Washing cars with soap and kindness in Holmen.

Team members from our Holmen branch made a beautiful spring day even brighter by surprising people at Select Car Wash by paying for their wash. Talk about a squeaky-clean surprise!

Ordering up Verve-style pizza in Onalaska.

Visitors at Marco’s Pizza and Family Video in Onalaska received a special surprise from our Onalaska team—Marco’s Pizza gift cards.

Celebrating an anniversary with puppies, goats and gift cards in Oshkosh.

Team members from our Witzel Avenue branch surprised community members at the Fire Escape anniversary party by handing out gift cards. It was a smile-filled evening with lots of puppy snuggles, goat entertainment, arts and crafts, and fun!

Baskets full of love in Brillion.

Staff at Brillion West Haven received a basket-full of coffee, fruit juice, granola bars, gum and other snacks from team members at our Brillion branch. It was a fun way to say thank you for all the love and attention they share with residents.

Because Community is one of our seven guiding Cooperative Principles, Verve loves lifting community members’ spirits through unique (and sometimes surprising) efforts. Performing Random Acts of Verve is just one way our team members help create a strong community built on kindness.