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It’s been 13 years already? 2019 Nutcracker in the Castle!

By December 16, 2019No Comments

Each year, the alluring Paine Art Center transforms into arguably one of the coziest, holiday-happy coves in Oshkosh. Throughout each hall and room, the walls, floor and ceiling are all speckled with Christmas decor and, thankfully, Nutcracker in the Castle will be open to the public until January 6, 2020. Currently, there are three different ways to experience Nutcracker in the Castle. Guests can partake in self-guided tours, candlelight tours, and guided tours. You could always take all three tours if you’re feeling extra Christmassy.

Our partnership with the Paine Arts Center has brought more than just holiday cheer throughout the past 13 years. We’ve also been able to expand our partnership to offer kids free days. Like years past, our team was at the Paine Art Center to capture free family photos. This year, we had close to 2,300 people visit the Paine Art Center. People from the ages of one to 92  stood between the life-size nutcrackers for family photos. Each family received a card after the photo so they could download the photo later. Since we have had so many attend in previous years, we even added an extra day to snap some more photos. Having a total of three days allowed us to take even more family photos than last year. We’re looking forward to next year and are so thankful to be involved in such a traditional event that has been a part of this community for so many years.


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