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Throughout the year we do our best to support local teachers, students, and families. In February, we supported our team members stopped by two local high schools to share the love.

Giving parents the night off.

Our team members wanted to make sure parents didn’t have to miss any of the action at the La Crescent-Hokah Boys Basketball Senior Night game, so we volunteered to run their concession stand for them. We had a blast and it was a great way to serve in one of our communities.

Honoring PRIDE students with cash.

Teachers at Oshkosh North High School who see students showing positive behavior and working toward a better version of themselves nominate students with PRIDE (P=Personal responsibility, R=Respect, I=Initiative, D=Determination and E=Excellence) cards. Students who received a PRIDE card nomination were invited into the gym during Winter Spirit week to participate in a ball drop. The prize? Randomly assigned cash prizes ranging from $1 to $20. We loved helping set up the ball drop, managing the prize table and seeing the happy faces of these deserving students.

Giving back—and bringing the community together—is what Verve is all about. We are so proud of our team members for stepping up and answering a need in our communities by serving in our schools.

Is your youth organization or school looking for speakers or activities to help teach kids the importance of smart money management? We’d love to hear about it! Share your ideas with Mitchell Michiels, cooperative outreach specialist.