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Looking back at 2018 Random Acts of Verve

In the spirit of “people helping people” and “paying it forward,” the Random Acts of Verve crews stop by local businesses to share our love for the community.

We had a blast surprising people—here’s a look back at a few of our favorite Random Acts of Verve from 2018.

Filling bellies and warming hearts.

Team members from nine branches visited 15 restaurants, convenience stores and food trucks throughout the year to surprise people by paying for their purchases. Some people even told us they were going to do their own Random Acts of Verve!

Spreading a little cheer with some cash.

We made dreary days a little brighter by surprising guests at two Oshkosh businesses with cash-filled Verve can koozies. Our team members also surprised kiddos at an Easter egg hunt by handing out $2 bills and offering fundraiser attendees cash to pay for auction items and participate in other games.

A beautiful surprise.

Providing the basics to those in need—like the ability to get a haircut—while supporting local businesses, makes our hearts overflow with happiness. That’s why our team members purchased hair salon gift certificates and donated them to a local women’s shelter. We also visited a salon in Oshkosh to spread cheer by paying for services for their clients.

Spreading the love after unpredictable Wisconsin weather. 

In late August we went from weeks of little rain to torrential downpours that left communities throughout Wisconsin flooded and in need of supplies. Team members stepped in to help by purchasing and distributing necessities like food, cleaning supplies and more throughout the community.

Stocking the shelves and teachers’ lounge with goodies.

Team members delivered care packages to teachers filled with shirts and pants to have on hand when kids get dirty on the playground, have an accident or get sick. We know it can be tough for parents to leave work and bring new clothes for kids, and often teachers end up purchasing their own supply. We also delivered packages full of binders, tissues, folders, pens, and storage containers, and stocked the teachers’ lounge with granola bars, coffee, chocolate, muffins and donuts.

Giving a little love to local crossing guards.

We see them every day—rain, shine, snow or sleet—standing on street corners wearing reflective vests and holding a stop sign. They’re the crossing guards who brave all elements to provide a safe route to school for children. Team members from our Neenah and Brillion branches visited multiple school zones to give out hand warmers, hot cocoa, tea, cookies, chocolate, personalized thank you notes and gift cards to crossing guards. We loved seeing how happy, surprised and appreciative everyone was.

Team members also surprised community members by giving them gift cards to use toward oil changes, gave books and emoji pillows to students to help them cope with a recent loss, and handed out Chamber Bucks to help support local businesses.

Because community is one of our guiding seven Cooperative Principles, Verve loves lifting community members’ spirits through unique (and sometimes surprising) efforts. Performing Random Acts of Verve is just one way our team members help create a strong community built on kindness. Watch for us in 2019 to see where we pop up throughout the community to share the love—and verve!

Check out a list of the 29 local businesses, organizations and schools in 12 communities where our Random Acts of Verve crews shared the love.


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