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While many of the big-name retailers may “have it all,” it’s important not to forget the shops and craftspeople who make up 98 percent of retailers and a large portion of our communities. Since 2010 Small Business Saturday® is the holiday shopping tradition dedicated to supporting small businesses across the country by encouraging people to shop locally. This year Small Business Saturday® lands on Saturday, November 24 (always the Saturday after Thanksgiving), and we’ll be out supporting our local businesses. Here’s why:

  1. Many. Jobs. The 30.2 million small businesses in the U.S. provide jobs for 47.2 percent of all employees—that’s 58.9 million people and nearly half of the United States’ workforce! Plus, 8 million small businesses are minority-owned. It warms our heart to see so many people living out the American Dream.
  2. The mind-blowing impact on the community. Did you know a much larger percentage of your money stays right here in Wisconsin when you shop at a small business instead of a national chain? To make things even sweeter, by supporting small businesses, you’re also helping them give back to the community (which is really important to us too) in the form of sponsorships (like Timmy’s Little League® team), open mic nights (who doesn’t love to hear local musicians?) and more.
  3. Friends! (Not the TV show, but something better). A staggering 6 million people suffer from loneliness in the United States. With an often homey, everybody-knows-your-name environment, small businesses help foster relationships—through shared interests in craft beer, quilting or fitness, to name a few.
  4. We like to be different. Have you ever shown up to a professional event or a family gathering only to see someone wearing the EXACT same outfit? Yeah, not cool. Small businesses bring one-of-a-kind products to our communities, helping you celebrate your individuality or find that perfect gift for someone special. From ethnic cuisine to cute trinkets, supporting small businesses helps create a more vibrant community.

Are you ready to support small businesses?

Whether you’re participating in Small Business Saturday® or want to support small businesses all year long, getting started is as easy as shopping or eating at local small businesses, inviting friends to shop with you or sharing on social media where you #ShopSmall.

Check out Small Business Saturday celebrations in your community:

You can also find new small businesses in your community through the Shop Small Map at

We’re Thankful for our Strong Community

Supporting local businesses helps grow the economy from the ground up. That’s why this year Verve has provided more than $84 million in loans to local businesses (as of October 2018), and that’s why we support Small Business Saturday. The way we see it, there’s no better way to say thanks to our business members this holiday season than to help them grow.