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Welcome South Central Bank customers!

South Central Bank is officially Verve, a Credit Union.

We are so thankful for your loyalty and trust and look forward to continuing to serve you as Verve, a Credit Union. Read more about the acquisition here.

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Account Number Changes

For the time being, your South Central Bank account number will remain the same. Integrating Verve and South Central Bank systems is expected to occur at a later date, and will likely require a change to account number structures. We will notify you of account number changes and will work to minimize impact.

Manage Your Credit Card

How to use your new Verve account:

  • Watch for your monthly statements. Beginning February 2020, you will begin to receive monthly statements from Verve. Your home improvement account statement will be enclosed in your monthly statement mailing with your balance due. Please note: your new due date is the 28th of the month.
  • Create a Verve online banking account to view your balances. Call 800.448.9228 and select option 4 to sign up for online banking. Please note: the first time you call, we will need to ask you to confirm your Social Security number and date of birth to make sure it’s really you. Then we’ll set up a code word you can use each time you call us. After calling us, you can visit to log in to online banking.
    • Your initial username is your Verve account number.
    • Your initial password is the last four digits of the primary account holder’s Social Security number.
  • Make your payments, automatically. Log in to online banking to set up automatic payments, or call 800.448.9228 and select option 4, and a team member will help you set up automatic payments. You can also mail payments with the monthly statement you receive (be sure to note your new Verve account number on the check) to Verve, a Credit Union, P.O. Box 3046, Oshkosh, WI 54903-3046.

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Credit Union Versus a Bank: What’s the Difference?

That place or organization that helps you manage your finances and take care of banking, is it a bank or a credit union? Both provide checking and savings accounts, offer loans and have a variety of investment options, but there are a few important factors to consider.

Learn the differences between credit unions and banks.
How we're different

Why Verve?

Verve is the credit union that stands behind our name, always looking for ways to make sure you have what you need by constantly challenging ourselves to find better ways for you to take care of your money.

See the Verve difference in action

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Acquisition

Why is South Central Bank being acquired by Verve?

South Central Bank was approached by several financial institutions about a potential acquisition, and in an effort to increase value for our clients, employees and shareholders, we evaluated each one and what the benefits would be for our customers. We were introduced to Verve, and quickly realized that they could bring us significant scale and resources to grow our operation, and we could provide them with an expanded footprint, assets and employees that would add significant value to Verve.

How large is Verve and where are they located?

Verve is headquartered in Wisconsin at 2900 Universal Street, Oshkosh, WI 54904. The credit union serves nearly 60,000 members through 16 branches throughout Wisconsin with assets in excess of $986 million. Membership is open to anyone who lives, works or worships in 23 counties throughout Wisconsin (Brown, Buffalo, Calumet, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jackson, La Crosse, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Monroe, Outagamie, Ozaukee, Portage, Sheboygan, Trempealeau, Vernon, Washington, Waushara, Waupaca and Winnebago) and Minnesota (Houston and Winona) and to employees of Kimberly-Clark Corp., Fox River Paper Co., the medical services industry and the immediate family of any current member.  After the acquisition is complete, membership will also be open to current customers of South Central Bank, as well as persons residing, employed or worshiping in the Illinois Counties of DuPage and all portions of Cook County north of Highway 20/95th Street. For branch locations and hours, visit

How will my customer relationship change on account of this transaction?

Credit unions are non-profit cooperatives owned and are controlled by the people, or members, who use their services. Automatically upon completion of the acquisition and without any action needed to be taken by you, customers of South Central Bank will become members of Verve. As a member, you are considered to be a part owner of Verve. There is no annual membership fee or state opt-in requirement, however, there is a $5 minimum deposit in savings required to establish membership with the credit union. Bank customers who have only a loan or non-deposit relationship with the bank will have this $5 establishing deposit automatically funded on their behalf by Verve.

About Verve

What does Verve, a Credit Union, stand for?

Believe it or not, verve is a real word that means “to have great energy and enthusiasm.” This name stands for all the things we are: enthusiastic, energetic, strong and driven. These characteristics are put to work every day on behalf of those who bank with us. We believe this name truly stands for who we are and is reflective of how we serve our members and the community as well as our pursuit to bring improved technologies to support our services.

Synonyms for Verve include moxie, enthusiasm, vigor, zest, gusto and passion. When we came across such a strong word for what we are and how we want to serve our members, it was a perfect fit for our name.

Who is Merv?

Merv is our straight-shooting (and a little quirky) spokesperson who represents the fact that we pride ourselves on breaking the norm for financial institutions. We’re responsive to the needs of those who bank with us and believe our members deserve to have their banking questions answered in a timely fashion and by team members with as much energy and enthusiasm as you. Whether you need to know about checking accounts, loans, debit cards or business tools, just ask. We’ll have an answer for you—just like Merv.

About the People

Will there be changes to your staff?

South Central Bank employees will become Verve team members, sharing a commitment to deliver financial services and expertise to families and small businesses throughout the communities we serve. All South Central locations will remain open at this time.

Who will be the President/CEO?

Kevin J. Ralofsky is the current President/CEO of Verve and will continue in that role.

Will there be changes to the Board of Directors?

The current Board of Directors of Verve will remain unchanged as a result of the transaction. The Board of Directors of South Central Bank will cease to exist as of closing.

About the Future

Where will the headquarters be located?

The headquarters of Verve will be at 2900 Universal Street, Oshkosh, WI 54904 (its current headquarters). Verve is proud to maintain a strong local and community focus throughout each of its locations.

When will I see signage begin to change at branch locations?

Branch signage will begin to change on or around the closing date of the purchase, which is Friday, January 10, 2020.

Are you planning to close any branch locations?

We do not have any plans to close branches. We evaluate our branches regularly to ensure they are meeting the needs of our member-owners, a practice we will continue after the acquisition is complete. South Central Bank’s branch locations will be maintained and incorporated with Verve’s, resulting in a network of 21 locations throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago area.

About My Accounts

What’s the benefit to me related to this acquisition?

Through this transaction, you’ll gain access to an expanded suite of consumer and business financial services, including loans, insurance, credit cards, investment services and more. As a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative, Verve is able to offer competitive rates and fees.

Will my account number change?

System integration is expected in spring 2021 and will require a change of routing number and more than likely a change to account number structures. We will work to minimize any changes made to accounts. We understand that this type of change may cause disruption, so our commitment will be to make any transition as smooth as possible so that you experience no hiccups in accessing your accounts.

How will this affect my rates and service charges/fees?

As part of our system integration, we will review all services provided to members, including service charges, to make sure we provide consistent, low-cost access to the most innovative financial services. Accounts with variable rates may change. Accounts with fixed rates such as certificates of deposits, loan interest rates as well as safe deposit boxes/fees will remain unchanged upon completion of the acquisition.

Will all of my accounts be transferred over into Verve accounts?

All account types, such as checking, savings, certificates, loans and other accounts currently available at South Central Bank will transfer to Verve.

Do I need a separate membership for my business/organization to maintain my business accounts?

Each business that currently has an account—checking, savings, loan or other account—with South Central Bank will automatically become a member of Verve. Any businesses who currently do not bank with South Central Bank or Verve may apply for membership. Membership is open to any business located in 23 counties throughout Wisconsin (Brown, Buffalo, Calumet, Dodge, Fond du Lac, Green Lake, Jackson, La Crosse, Manitowoc, Milwaukee, Monroe, Outagamie, Ozaukee, Portage, Sheboygan, Trempealeau, Vernon, Washington, Waushara, Waupaca and Winnebago) and Minnesota (Houston and Winona). After the acquisition is complete, membership will also be open to current customers of South Central Bank, as well as any business located in the Illinois Counties of DuPage and all portions of Cook County north of Highway 20 / 95th Street. For branch locations and hours, visit

Will my deposits continue to be federally insured?

Verve is insured by the NCUA (National Credit Union Administration) through the NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund). Following the closing date, customer deposits will no longer be insured by the FDIC. Your deposits will be federally insured by the NCUA to the maximum amount available, currently $250,000 per depositor, and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. Please see a helpful comparison guide at the end of this document for reviewing differences between NCUA and FDIC insurance.

What happens if I already have both a Verve account and a South Central Bank account?

Following the acquisition, you will continue to have both accounts available for you at Verve. Verve will contact any South Central Bank customers who will have greater than $250,000 on deposit as a result of the acquisition. If you have more than $250,000 at Verve as a result of the transaction and have not been contacted, please connect with us to discuss options.

Will I be able to access my account at new branches?

Immediately following the acquisition, you will have access to the same branch locations and ATM networks as you do currently. In addition, following the system integration in 2021, banking services will be available at all Verve branches, and all Verve ATMs will be available to you without fees.

Will I still be able to use my current checks?

Yes, you will continue to be able to use your current checks following the closing date. If new checks are necessary after our system integration is complete, you will receive complimentary checks.

Will I still be able to use my credit card?

If you have a credit card through South Central Bank, you should have received a letter with information on how the acquisition impacts your card. If you have a South Central Bank credit card or home improvement loan and have not received a letter, please contact us at 312.491.7000.

Will I still be able to use my debit card?

Yes, you will continue to be able to use your current debit card. If your debit card expires or is lost or stolen, you will receive a new Verve debit card.

How do I make loan payments?

Prior to January 11, 2020, continue to make loan payments as you have been. After January 11, 2020, you can continue to make loan payments as you have been, either through automatic fund transfers or by submitting payments to Verve, a Credit Union, 525 Roosevelt Road, Chicago, IL 60607.

Will my online banking change?

Until our system integration is complete in spring 2021, you will continue to access your online banking as you do now by visiting You will be notified well in advance of any changes, new apps and whether these changes include any new requirements in accessing your information.

When your name changes, will my direct deposit still work?

Your direct deposit and automated regular withdrawals will continue to work without interruption. When we complete our system integration, and our routing number changes, we will work with you to ensure there is no interruption to your electronic direct deposit or automated regular withdrawals.

How will I get to the credit union’s website?

Leading up to the acquisition, continue to visit South Central Bank online at Following the acquisition and name change, you should visit for more information and to access online banking.

Will employee emails change?

Following our system integration, employees will be provided new email addresses that reference the Verve name. For a time following this change, you may continue to email our staff at the current email address that you have on record.

Will employee phone numbers change?

Employee phone numbers may change as a result of the acquisition and system integrations. We will notify prior to any anticipated changes in our contact information, and calls made to old phone numbers will be forwarded to their new numbers for a period of time.

Will there be changes to your hours?

As a standard business practice, we review our hours on an annual basis and will make appropriate changes to reflect the way that our members choose to bank with us.

Will there be any changes to my account notices and statements?

Some members may receive two statements in February—one for transactions made between January 1 and January 10 (the official acquisition date) and one for transactions made between January 11 and January 31. If your statement will be impacted, you should have already received a notification letter. All fees and service charges between January 1 and January 10 will be waived. All future statements will come from Verve. At the point when we complete our system integration, your monthly and quarterly statements and notices may have an updated look.

How will I receive additional information about this acquisition?

You can visit for updates about the progression of the acquisition and system integration plans. You will also receive periodic mailings and have access to updates available at all our branch locations. We also send periodic emails with all our updates and important notices, so please take this opportunity to update your email address on file.

Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

We want to hear from you to help answer any additional questions you might have about our announcement and acquisition. Please call South Central Bank at (312) 491-7000.