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What to expect after upgrade weekend.

We are excited for you to use all the new features and tools the new system has to offer. Because things may look a little different, check out the guide below so you’ll know what to expect.


Starting April 27, we’ve temporarily extended our service center hours to 7 a.m.– 7 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Call us at 312.491.7000 or email us at [email protected].


Member + Account Numbers

  • Your account numbers will stay the same*, but you may see a new Member Number. This just helps us identify YOU and keeps all your accounts tied together. (*Unless you received a separate communication from us informing you otherwise.)



  • For the month of April 2021, you will receive two statements for every membership: one for transactions that post from April 1–23 and one for April 24–30.
  • Statements are receiving a makeover! View an example statement.
  • You will continue to receive a statement according to your preference—either paper by mail or eStatement through online banking. You can change your preference in online banking.
    • Note: If you currently receive an eStatement and switch to a paper statement, there will be a $2 fee per monthly statement. 
  • If you have an escrow account, you will no longer see a separate deposit account. Your escrow balance will be listed on your mortgage statement.
  • Starting May 2021, all statement cycles will move to the end of the month.


Online Banking + Bill Pay

  • Starting April 27, you will use the following login process. Please note: you will only need to complete these steps once for accessing both online banking AND the mobile app.
    Existing Users:

    • When you log in for the first time, you will click FORGOT Password, accept the terms and conditions, enter your username and TIN and a temporary password will be sent.
    • You will need the email address or phone number associated with the account.
    • Update your password to meet the new requirements: 8 characters long and include a lowercase and uppercase letter, number and special character. Your new password may be the same as your previous password as long as it meets the password requirements.
    • If you are a sub user, you will need to create a new username to access the accounts. Due to increased security requirements, the username and password can’t match the primary account owner’s login details.
    • All accounts associated with the same Tax Identification number (TIN) will be viewable with the same online banking login.

New Users:

  • Click REGISTER
  • Select Business
  • Accept disclosure
  • Check to make sure your computer can read/open a PDF document
  • Enter SSN/TAX ID and birth date (Individuals) or SSN/TAX ID and Email (Business)
  • Temporary password will be sent.
  • Create a new memorable username and a secure, complex password.
  • Alerts and Notices: There are great new options, so you will need to set up new loan payment reminders, low balance notices or other alerts in the new system. (Old alerts and notices will not transfer over.)
  • Your payees in Bill Pay will transfer to the new system.
  • You now have more permission options for users.


Mobile App + Mobile Deposit

  • After upgrade weekend you will need to delete the old version of the Verve Mobile App and download the new one. Apple users should go to the App Store and Android users should go to the Google Play Store.
  • Starting April 27, you will not need to log in separately for mobile deposit and can use your current online banking username. If you are already enrolled in mobile deposit, you will log into the mobile app, accept the user agreement (only the first time you use it) and be able to start depositing checks.



After you log in to the new online banking, click on the ‘Deposit’ widget and then download the Vertifi® app. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. In addition, TWAIN drivers will need to be installed for your existing Panini check scanner to work, which are available for download at You can continue to use the same scanner you used prior to the upgrade, and now have more options. Mobile/Desktop Check Deposit will work with any TWAIN-compliant scanner and is not restricted to the Panini scanner you currently have.

PLEASE NOTE: If you want others in your organization to use the Mobile/Desktop Check Deposit feature, the primary online banking user must add users in online banking and grant access to the feature.


Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Checks

  • New credit card options are now available!Get a rich lineup of rewards with our RewardsFirst MasterCard®. You may also be eligible for instant approval. [insert links]
  • You should have received a new debit card in the mail. It must be activated before you use it. Your old card stopped working at 5 p.m. on Friday, April 23 and should be destroyed.
  • You should have received new checks in the mail. The new checks started working Saturday, April 24. You should stop using and shred your old checks as they no longer work.
  • Please note that your routing number has changed and you should update any already reoccurring deposits or payments on your account to ensure they continue to post.

Bank by Phone

  • Beginning Tuesday, April 27, you can call 800.448.9228 and select option 1 to use Bank by Phone.
    • Enter your account number and temporary password/PIN, which is the last four digits of your Tax Identification number.
    • You will then be prompted to change your password/PIN.



  • Transfers (internal and external) you currently have set up will transition to the new system.
  • A small number of transfers did not transition to the new system and those members were notified prior to the upgrade.
  • Beginning Tuesday, April 27, transfers will process seven days a week. This means any transfers you schedule on a weekend will process that day instead of the following Monday.
  • If you log in to online banking and can’t see or can’t edit a transfer, call 800.448.9228 and select option 4 and we will help you re-setup the transfer.