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Whether you have a green thumb and are looking to add a living green wall to your home, or you like plants and greenery but lack the ability to keep plants alive and want to add a preserved home plant wall to your living space, you’re leading the latest trend in home décor!

Popular in commercial spaces and luxury homes for quite some time, living and preserved home plant walls are one of the latest trends in interior design, driven mostly by the pandemic. With more people working from home (and thus, spending much more time at home), as well as with an increased focus on the environment and awareness of chemicals in new furniture and cleaning supplies and the desire to improve air quality, home plant walls are a great option to boost the health and wellness benefits of your home décor.

Four ways to add a living green wall or preserved home plant wall to your home

  • Indoor plant wall frame. Looking for a smaller (and more budget-friendly) option to incorporate plants to your home décor? An indoor plant wall frame is a great way to add the “wow” factor to your décor, as well as a pop of vibrant green. Many indoor plant wall frames are made of preserved plants, meaning they use real plants and preserve the roots. That means the plants are no longer alive (sorry, no oxygen will be produced from this piece of artwork), so you don’t need to worry about keeping them alive and they will last for up to five years.
  • A fresh take on decorating the bathroom. An indoor plant wall in the bathroom turns it into a spa-like oasis you’ll never want to leave. Whether you incorporate a floor to ceiling vertical panel of plants behind your vanity and mirror, plant frame or go all in on a full-wall of plants, you’re sure to reap the mental health benefits, such as feelings of anxiety or depression, by feeling more connected to nature.
  • Vertical full-height walls. If you are looking to add the “wow” factor to your interior design, a floor to ceiling home plant wall will do just that. Using containers on shelves or plant containers that attach directly to the walls, you can take a DIY approach to developing a full-height home plant wall, or invest in the expertise of an architecture or landscaping company that specializes in green walls.
  • Full-wall designs. Whether you take the living green wall approach or prefer to invest in a preserved home plant wall, full-wall designs are a piece of art. You’re sure to stop people in their tracks when they enter your home as they gaze in awe at the beauty of a living green wall masterpiece.

The health benefits of a green wall vary from removing pollutants from the air to reducing feelings of anxiety and depression. In addition, a home plant wall may also help retain heat in the winter and keep cool air inside in the summer, and can help you reduce energy costs while working from home, adding to the eco-friendly impact of adding plants to your living space.

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