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We’ve bid farewell to the dreary darkness of winter and it’s time to welcome the freshness of brighter spring days. Rid your home of the dust and embrace the new season with a clean start by spring cleaning on a budget.

According to, there are health benefits of spring cleaning your home as well. A clean home can help to strengthen your immune system while less clutter is shown to reduce stress and depression as well as improve your daily mood.

Use these six budget-friendly spring cleaning tips to reinvigorate your space and embrace the season ahead.

1) Get organized. If the feeling of spring cleaning your entire home is overwhelming, you’re not alone. Make a list and get yourself organized. Take it room by room. Start with smaller tasks such as cleaning out the microwave or wiping down mirrors to build momentum. Avoid being unrealistic with your timeline and consider using a longer time frame, such as one weekend or designated days throughout the coming month for cleaning tasks. Download this free spring cleaning checklist to get you started. If you’re short on time, take a look at these quick spring cleaning tasks that you can conquer in one minute or less.

2) Don’t spend a fortune. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to conquer your spring cleaning list. Limit the new products you need to purchase to freshen up your space by using products that are already available in your home.

  • Consider making your own cleaners with products currently in your cupboard. Common ingredients for homemade cleaners include: bleach, vinegar, baking soda and lemon juice. Here’s a list to get you started on simple alternatives made from products already available in your home. Not only will these homemade cleaners help the budget, but they also tend to be less toxic, too. Now that’s a win-win.
  • Recycle and repurpose products for cleaning. Search your home for materials that can be used for various cleaning tasks such as dryer sheets to clean larger electronic device screens or create dust rags out of old T-shirts.
  • Wait to buy new totes and organizers. Clean first, declutter and donate second and then figure out how you plan to use each room before you buy shelves, totes, organizers and more.

3) Borrow or rent expensive cleaning equipment. Instead of purchasing expensive new cleaning equipment that you only use once a year, consider borrowing from a neighbor or renting tools near your home. Many local hardware stores have carpet cleaners or pressure washers available for rent on a daily basis.

4) Eliminate clutter for a healthy mind this season. Now, here’s a task that costs nothing but focus and determination. Spring cleaning allows us to not only get rid of the dust bunnies in every nook around the house but helps us get rid of things we don’t need allowing us to give our homes a complete refresh as we embrace the new season.

According to decluttering mastermind, Marie Kondo, tidying up your home helps you eliminate things that don’t serve you in life by focusing on things that bring you happiness and spark joy. Prep for your spring cleaning decluttering project by reading her popular (#1 New York Times best-selling) book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, for tips and tricks to set your decluttering goals in motion.

5) Turn junk into cash. You may have started this when in the decluttering process, but separate stuff you no longer use by placing those unwanted (or dare we say, unneeded) items into categorized piles such as: keep, trash, donate or sell. By separating items into these piles, you can easily distinguish between items you should keep and those you can donate or even sell for a few extra bucks.

Setup a traditional yard sale to sell items that no longer serve their purpose in your life, visit a consignment store for reselling products or consider posting your stuff to an online marketplace such as Craiglist, Poshmark or Facebook Marketplace. Reap the rewards of spring cleaning by making some cash that can be added to a new savings account for future financial needs. Check out our recent blog most for more tips on selling your stuff online.

6) Reset with a new look. Rearranging furniture is a quick fix for any room and can provide a drastic transformation. (Moving furniture also allows you to clean the spaces you’ve likely avoided throughout the prior year.) Consider reusing décor that you already have by moving pieces into different rooms for a welcomed change without spending money on new decorations.

Spring is upon us. It’s time to open the windows, shake out the rugs and embrace the delight of sunshine and fresh air throughout your home. Use these budget-friendly tips for how to spring clean to help you get things in order and reinvigorate your space in the new season.

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