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Verve Video Tellers

Drive up, take care of your banking needs and be on your way with our new Video Tellers.

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Ready to use a Video Teller?

Here’s what you need to know.

Have your ID ready.

A Verve team member at our contact center is ready to help—just insert your ID to get started.

Tell us what you’d like to do.

The Video Tellers include a video screen and microphone, so you can work with team members as if they’re right there with you.

Take care of business.

Cash checks to the exact penny, withdraw cash, make deposits, transfer funds and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I use the Video Tellers? What locations have Video Tellers?

The Video Tellers make banking with Verve more convenient by allowing us to extend our drive-up hours. You can view hours for each branch at

Is it safe to share my financial information when using a Video Teller?

The level of privacy at a Video Teller is the same as it is at other drive-up lanes, except that we can more clearly see members via the Video Teller screen, which enhances security. We can also use an on-screen chat feature, giving us the ability to have more private discussions. For even more privacy with financial conversations, we recommend coming into the branch.

I just want to make a withdrawal with my debit card. Can I use a Video Teller?

Yes. You can use a Video Teller as an ATM during or after drive-up hours.

Why the new technology?

We’re interested in new technologies that help us provide faster, more convenient, and more personalized service to our members, and adding Video Tellers to our drive-ups helps us do just that. By connecting you with available Verve team members and letting you speak with them face-to-face right from your car, the Video Tellers help us shorten your wait time in the drive-up lanes with more team members available to assist members, eliminate the need for transaction slips and allow us to expand our service hours. We invest in technologies like the Video Tellers to enhance our personable, charismatic service—never replace it.

What if I do not want to use the machine? Can I still go into the branch if I choose?

Absolutely! If you are more comfortable working directly with a team member in branch, you are welcome to come in during normal lobby hours to work with a team member.

Where do the Video Tellers work? Are you outsourcing jobs?

The people serving you are all Verve team members located at a centralized local service center. All our branches have team members available to help you in our lobby during regular branch hours. This new technology frees them up to focus on lobby interactions while allowing team members from our service center to help you in the drive-up like never before.

What’s the difference between a Video Teller and an ATM?

Video Tellers allow you to visually and verbally interact with a team member, just like you would in a branch, while an ATM does not. You’ll notice a new look for the receipt, which will include an image of the check you deposit or cash. Video Tellers also allow for greater flexibility in the cash denominations you receive from a withdrawal or check-cashing and can also dispense coins for withdrawals. You can also deposit checks and cash without envelopes when using a Video Teller.

Will my transaction take longer than working with an in-branch team member?

The duration of your transaction will be the same when using a Video Teller as it would be in branch.

Will my deposit be processed like it is when I go to a regular teller?

Yes, your deposit will be processed and credited as if you came in the branch and completed your transaction. The only difference is a new look for the receipt, which will include an image of the check when you deposit or cash a check.