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Vacation Savings

Suitcase? Check. Plane tickets? Check. Money? Umm…

If you’re not saving for your next vacation, start now. You’ll barely think about it after setting up automatic transfer into your savings. But how much will you need?

  • Would you like to save $2,000? Set up an automatic transfer of $84 every paycheck (if you’re paid every other week) for one year. In 12 months, you could be sitting in a beach chair with an umbrella drink at your side.
  • Vacationing sooner than that? Save $167 every paycheck (if you are paid every other week) for 6 months to save $2,000.

Log into online banking, add a secondary savings to your account and set up your automatic transfer.

Prefer us to set it up? Call us at 800.448.9228.

Start Saving Now