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Want to have EVEN MORE Black Friday next year?

Whether you’re a diehard Black Friday shopper, love hosting the holidays or find yourself traveling, a holiday budget is for more than just gifts.

From gifts, food, decorations —not to mention taking advantage of seasonal promotions—the average shopper spends more than $1,000. Now’s the perfect time to prepare.

Set aside a little each week to add an extra jingle to your holiday.

Save $20 each week (or $40 every other week) and you’ll have $1,040* (plus dividends) at the end of one year.

OR, pick your own savings amount to build a savings account that fits your holiday budget.

Build your Black Friday Savings

Set up recurring, automatic money transfers to your savings from another account to take the guesswork out of growing your 2020 Black Friday savings. Fill out the form below to get started.

Pick Your Payout accounts earn a higher dividend rate and include fees for withdrawals prior to your scheduled payout date. Other savings account options are available.

*Example calculation based on $20 weekly automatic transfers for 52 weeks.