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When you need a little something extra.

Personal Loans

Stress less with a range of other loans.

Need cash in a hurry? Whether it’s for an unexpected bill, covering an overdraft or even a weekend getaway, Verve can help.

  • Beef up your credit with a Share Certificate Secured Loan: Building credit or improving your credit score is hard when you don’t have much credit history for lenders to use as a reference. The Share Certificate Secured Loan at Verve is a loan backed by money in a share certificate for collateral. For instance, if you put $1,000 in your certificate, you would qualify for a $1,000 Share Certificate Secured Loan, without any credit approval required. With modest interest rates, these loans make borrowing affordable while you continue to keep money in your certificate account (which you can earn dividends on, too!). And, if you pay off your loan early, you can also close your certificate early with no penalties. Call 800.448.9228 for details and rates.
  • Rest assured with a personal line of credit: When you need money fast for unexpected events like car repairs, medical bills or your checkbook was overdrawn, our Kwik Cash open-ended line of credit is the perfect solution.
  • Pay for life’s unexpected expenses with a signature/unsecured loan: When you don’t need money for a specific purchase, a signature or unsecured loan may fit the bill. Because a loan like this doesn’t utilize collateral to protect against loan losses, rates are generally a little higher. Members in good standing with Verve and with good credit history are generally able to qualify.
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