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Overdraft Protection Plus

Coverage for your debit card purchases

We’ve got you covered.

It happens to everyone. You make an honest mistake in your checking account – forget to record a purchase or check – and your balance is left a little shy of what you need to cover your next purchase using your debit card or when withdrawing cash at an ATM.

Now get the same overdraft protection for your debit card that you get with checks with Overdraft Protection Plus. With this account feature, you won’t be denied at the register or ATM when there are not enough funds in your account. When you opt in to Overdraft Protection Plus, we pay overdrafts on debit card transactions so you’ll be covered when your account is running short.

Get debit card back-up now!

This service is based on credit qualification, approval, and good standing with the credit union. This service can be canceled at any time. Charges are made only when the service is activated; when there are not enough funds in your account. Fees apply when service is used.