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Fraud monitoring that’s just a text away.

With OmniShield, a quick text is all it takes to help secure your debit card against fraud.

If our fraud block system, OmniShield, detects potentially fraudulent use of your card, a temporary hold will be placed on it and you’ll receive a text message with details about the suspicious transaction including a 5 digit code and your financial institution name, dollar amount of the transaction and merchant name. Here’s what you should do next:

Reply “YES” if you made the transaction. You will receive a confirmation text and can continue using your card with confidence.

Reply “NO” if you did not make the transaction. You’ll receive a confirmation text, and a fraud specialist will contact you immediately.

If you would rather not receive these fraud warnings via text, reply “STOP.”

In all cases, there’s no need to reply with personal or confidential card information.

If you don’t have a mobile number listed on your Verve account…

Or if you don’t respond to the text, OmniShield will send an automated voicemail to the other number(s) on your account. Follow the prompts in the voicemail to get in touch with a fraud specialist.


If you do not respond at all…

OmniShield will attempt communication one more time. After that, you’ll receive a letter in the mail detailing the issue with the next steps to protect your account.


Want to get in touch now?

You can reach OmniShield’s Fraud Detection Department at 800.889.5280 or you can email specific case updates to [email protected].