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Hello mobile deposit.

Goodbye branch visits.

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With mobile deposit, you have the power to deposit checks anywhere, anytime with the snap of a pic. Here’s everything you need to know to deposit checks like a boss:

Make sure everyone signs.

If your check is made payable to two or more parties with the word “and” in between the names, all parties need to endorse with their signatures on the back. That way, we can send the money where it needs to go as soon as possible. Business members need to sign, too: simply write down your member number along with “for mobile deposit at Verve, a Credit Union.”

Mark that it’s mobile.

To help us process your check as quickly as possible and to ensure your deposit isn’t rejected, please confirm that you intended it to be a mobile deposit by writing “for mobile deposit at Verve, a Credit Union” on the back beneath your signature. That way we know how the check was deposited, and it reduces the chance of accidentally trying to deposit it twice.

Smooth out those wrinkles.

The clearer the image of the check, the more quickly we can process it and get those funds into your account.

Check your calendar.

If it’s after hours, the weekend or a holiday, we will process your deposit the next business day.

If there’s a delay, sit tight.

To keep transactions secure, there may be a slight delay between when you deposit your check and when the funds show up in your account. It’s still way faster than driving to the branch and a whole lot easier.

Check your check’s status in the app.

To see the status of your deposit, open the Verve app, go to mobile banking and select the “review” tab. Checks may be subject to holds before the funds are available, which the app will also tell you.

Don’t shred it just yet.

Please hang on to your check for at least two weeks before destroying it. It’s also good to write the date you deposited the check right on the check itself so you don’t accidentally try to deposit it again.

Questions? Call 800.448.9228 to speak with a team member.