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“The best way to save money is to save money.”


Merv - ism


  • A curiously astute and (mostly) insightful compendium of financial musings from Merv.
  • Simple truths from the mind of Merv about what it means to live carefully free.
  • Straightforward facts to help you spend, invest and save wisely.

Getting smart about your finances is easy.


The lower the interest rate, the higher my level of interest.


It takes money to make money. But it doesn’t take money to spend it.

(Use your credit card wisely, my friends.)


Rainy day funds can make storm clouds disappear.

Verve has the tools to help you live a more relaxed life with a Merv State of Mind.

KickBack Checking®

A checking account that actually rewards you for using your debit card, eStatments and direct deposit.

Apple Pay®, Samsung Pay® and Android Pay®
Use your phone to make faster, more secure payments with the touch of a finger.

Mobile App
Manage your money on the go and deposit checks with the snap of a pic.

Add a few cents to your savings with every debit card purchase by rounding up to the nearest dollar. call 800.448.9228 to save with Round-Up.