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Free Financial Coaching

Meet one-on-one with Verve’s certified financial coaches for personalized help with your finances. Verve financial coaches are ready to help you set goals, develop a basic budget, manage financial hardships, improve credit scores and save for the future.

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Ready to get your finances in order? Here’s a rundown of our favorite budgeting tools to get you started.

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What you need to know about Account Takeover Fraud

What is account takeover fraud? Account takeover fraud is one of the most common forms of identity theft. It occurs when fraudsters: Gain access to your…
Security + Fraud

Business Scam Alerts: Fraudsters are posing as vendors + stealing checks from the mail

Vendor Scam A fraudster poses as a vendor that contacts your business out of the blue to gain access to sensitive financial information. Why do…
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Pack Some Magic into Your Holiday Season

Life is better with Verve. We’re obsessed with this word. Verve. It literally means, energy, enthusiasm, zest, spirit, and vitality. It’s a nice bit of…