Will my online banking password change?

Yes, you will be prompted to change your password. If you are an existing online banking user, use your current username plus your full Taxpayer ID Number (TIN), which is likely your SSN, (Chicago members should use the last six of their SSN) to log in. You’ll also need the email address or phone number you provided for your membership to log in. If you’ve never used online banking, click REGISTER and follow the on-screen instructions to enroll.

If you are a joint owner you will click on REGISTER to create a new username to access all the accounts you are on. Due to increased security requirements, you need to create a username and password that does not match the primary account owner’s login details.

 Please note:Please note: All accounts associated with your TIN will now show up under one online banking login—no need to log into separate accounts to view personal checking, HSAs, kids’ accounts, etc..


If you have not used online banking before, please call us at 312.491.7000 so we can help you set up your account.