Winners List

Since its launch in August 2018, 142 prizes have been awarded to Verve members and team members throughout the state. With no limit on the number of times a member can win, several individuals took home more than one prize! In the first year, there were five winners from Appleton, five from Brillion, 27 from Fond du Lac, two from Holmen, 11 from La Crosse, 18 from Neenah, three from Onalaska, 30 from Oshkosh, three from Sherwood, two from Two Rivers and 11 team members.

Winners include:

Jill P.
Sheila B.
William E.
Catherine S.
Michael B.
Sergio F. G.
Mackenzie M.
Jeanette W.
David K.
Carl S.
Sara G.
Mary A.
William Z.
Lynette M.
Emery M.
Alicia H.
Matthew Z.
Bryan D.
Steven S.
Rebecca M.
Denise S.
Thomas G. Sr.
Timothy H.
Samantha B.
Benjamin T.
Cynthia V. L.
Travis V.
John S.
Becky R.
Todd M.

Robin J.
Jacob L.
John F.
Andrew N.
Lori J.
Timothy H.
Elizabeth H.
Bryce K.
John N.
Margaret L.
Kenneth W. Jr.
Daniel P.
Wayne F.
Katherine J.
Samuel S.
Jacob C.
Sharon B.
Lisa S.
Nancy A.
Terry M.
Andrew F.
Brooke F.
Richard V.
Julie R.
Cheryl Z.
Molly R.
Mary B.
Mary V. R.
Travis M.

Gail B.
Sarah K. A.
Matthew G.
Diane N.
A. Y.
Michael S.
Victoria K.
Victoria D.
Brittany M.
Vicki S.
Ashley M.
Cheryl P.
James L.
Sherry M.
Michele H.
George W.
Shane R.
Dawn A.
Matthew M.
Melissa S.
Bryan F.
Darryl H.
Tammy T.
Jennifer V. R.
Christina T.
Richard V.
Caitlin S.
Marilee B.
Jelka C.

Joann H.
Jake S.
Kim V. R.
Peter S.
Michele V.
Kelly L.
Jeremy T.
Sarah F.
Dominic S.
Shari H.
Tanissa I.
Michael/Ashley B.
Caitlin R.
Christy W.
Jenna S.
Allison B.
John R.
Robert K.
Jamie Z.
Andrew P.
Aaron S.
Ronald T.
Gloria W.
Chad G.
Michele H.
Alexia M.
Deborah G.
John P.
Macsteven J. Sr.