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Early Pay by Verve

Your direct deposits.
Up to two days in advance.

  • Set up direct deposit through a Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account.
  • Get notified as soon as your paycheck is available.
  • Why wait? Get paid earlier. Pay bills earlier. Save earlier. Invest earlier.

Already a member?

Log into online banking and follow these steps.


Early Pay is a free service that gives you access to your direct deposit up to two days in advance of your actual payday. Get ahead on bills, put it in a savings account and watch it grow, or splurge on a memorable night out. 

  • Access to your direct deposits up to two days in advance.
  • Free service. No enrollment or monthly fees.
  • Free alerts to notify you when you’ve been paid.

Ready to get Paid Early?

To qualify for Early Pay:

  • Open a Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account.
  • Set up direct deposit to that checking account.
  • Enroll in Early Pay using online banking, stopping in a branch, or calling us at 800.448.9228.


To enroll in Early Pay using online banking:

  1. Log into online banking.
  2. Navigate to Services.
  3. Select Early Pay.
  4. Select Turn on Early Pay.
  5. Select the applicable checking account.
  6. Hit Submit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Early Pay?

Early Pay is a service that allows you to receive Automated Clearing House (ACH) direct deposits to your Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account up to two business days early. Example deposits include paycheck direct deposit, Social Security, tax refunds, and more. The ACH is the primary system that agencies use for electronic funds transfer.

How much does it cost to use Early Pay?

There are no costs or enrollment fees associated with Early Pay. Once you set up direct deposit to your Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account and enroll in Early Pay, you’re good to go.

I currently don’t have checking with Verve. Can I open a checking account?

Yes, indeed. You can open a checking account with Verve online or at any of our locations.

How do I set up direct deposit?

If you don’t have direct deposit, you can request a direct deposit enrollment form from your employer or investment firm, and you’ll enter your account information and Verve’s routing number (275981187) to get set up. If you can’t remember your account number, read how or give us a call at 800.448.9228. We can also provide you with Verve’s direct deposit request form to submit to your payer.

Can my business enroll in Early Pay?

Early Pay is not available for business accounts.

How does Early Pay work for joint accounts?

For joint accounts, Early Pay enrollment applies to both owners.

Can I use Early Pay on all my direct deposits?

Any direct deposit made to your Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account will be eligible for Early Pay if the payer sends it earlier than the effective date.

My direct deposit is currently set up to go to my savings account. Can I still sign up for Early Pay?

Yes, but you’ll need to switch the direct deposit from your savings to a Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account. Talk to your payer to request this change.

Will my direct deposit always become available two days early?

Generally, you should receive your funds early; however, it really depends on when we receive the direct deposit for posting. For example, if your payer submits their payroll file later than usual, you might get paid a day early or you might get paid on your usual payday. Either way, it is best to set up alerts for when your direct deposit is posted to ensure the money is there before you use it. If you spend money you don’t have, you’re likely to incur overdraft fees.

How do I set up an alert to be notified that my direct deposit arrived?

To sign up for alerts, log into online banking notifications, select the account you’ve specified for Early Pay, and then turn on Automatic Deposit.

I have automatic transfers that occur when my direct deposit comes in. Should I adjust when these transfers occur now that I’m enrolled in Early Pay?

It’s totally up to you, but keep in mind that getting paid early depends on your payer. For example, if your payer submits the file later than normal, you may not get paid early despite being enrolled in this service. If you don’t update your transfers, be mindful that those will still occur. In online banking, you should see these transfers as pending to help remind you. If you’re not able to adjust your automatic transfer in online banking, please contact a Verve team member who will assist you in getting your transfers updated.

I enrolled in Early Pay after my direct deposit on this pay cycle was already pending. Will it post early?

No, if there are pending direct deposits when you enroll in Early Pay, they will not post early. Only future direct deposits that are received prior to the posting date may be available early.

I’m enrolled in Early Pay, but my deposit didn’t post early. Whom should I contact?

Your first point of contact should be your payer. More than likely, your payer delayed submitting the file for one reason or another. Verve can only deposit funds early after we receive the file. In addition, you can log into online banking or Verve’s mobile app to check for any pending deposits and the posting date.

I’m enrolled in Early Pay, but my funds are scheduled to be deposited on a holiday. How does that impact my deposit?

If your Early Pay falls on a federal holiday, we will process your deposit on the first business day that we receive the file notifying us of your upcoming deposit.

My direct deposit normally comes on the first of the month. Can Early Pay affect how my Kickback Checking rewards are calculated?

KickBack Checking account holders should be aware that direct deposits count toward the qualification cycle it posts and settles to. For example, if a payment is scheduled to be distributed on the first of the month, but we receive and release the funds to you 2 days early—in this example, on the 28th of the prior month—your deposit would count toward the prior month qualification cycle. This may impact your qualifications in a given month. This scenario should only happen:

    • the month you enroll in Early Pay;
    • if you ever unenroll;
    • if your payer submits a file late one month but on time the next.

Rewards are posted automatically so if you experience not meeting the requirements to receive the benefits, contact us. If we find it was due to a timing related issue, we’ll manually correct your rewards.

If I no longer want Early Pay, can I unenroll?

Yes, you can unenroll from Early Pay at any time via online banking, stopping in a branch, or calling us at 800.448.9228. To unenroll via online banking, log into online banking, navigate to Services, select Early Pay, and then select Turn off Early Pay, select the applicable checking account, and hit You’ll receive a confirmation email once we process your unenrollment.

You may be eligible to access your direct deposit up to two days early when you enroll in Early Pay by Verve. Direct deposit set up to a Verve Personal or KickBack Checking account is required. Please allow two business days to process your enrollment. We cannot guarantee you will receive your funds early. Early access of funds depends on the timing of the electronic file submission from the payer (employer, government agency, etc.). Membership eligibility required. Federally insured by NCUA.