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Why isn’t my online banking password working anymore?

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In April 2021, we upgraded our technology. As part of this upgrade, we reset everyone’s passwords. If you had an online banking profile set up prior to April 2021, you can reset your password using the ‘Forgot Username’ option. If you have already reset your password after the April 2021 technology upgrade and are locked out of your account, follow these steps to get back in.

Go to and click ‘Forgot Password.’

Then review the disclosure about changing your password, check the ‘I Agree’ box and tap the ‘Continue’ button.

Next, enter your username and SSN (for the primary member) and tap the ‘Continue’ button.

Select an option to have your security code sent by email or phone number and tap the ‘Continue’ button.

Follow any additional on-screen prompts for resetting your password and you should be logged in and looking at your online banking dashboard.