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How do I register for an online banking account for my business?

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To log into online banking for your business, you will need to register for an account. Please note, if a business owner has added you as a user on their account, please check your email for instructions on logging in.

First, visit and select ‘Business’ and ‘Set Up Your Account.’


On the next screen, select ‘Business’ again.


Next, you will be taken to a terms and conditions screen. Be sure to open the PDF to copy the access code. Then return to main tab and paste it into the ‘ACCESS CODE’ box and tap ‘Continue.’


Fill in the information of your business exactly as how it is in our records when you opened it (i.e use the same SSN or EIN, email address and phone number that’s on file for your business).

Next, you will see a screen to create a username and choose where a temporary password can be sent to you to verify (such as your email or phone number). Tap ‘Continue.’


The next page will prompt you to enter the temporary password to be able to create one for online banking. Make sure to tap ‘Remember This Device’ if you do not wish to complete the added step of receiving a security code for authentication each time you login.

The final screen will prompt you to select whether you want your security code emailed or texted to you. Select which option you want and enter the security code that was sent to you. You should be able to login to see all your accounts/loans you have with Verve.