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Taking “random acts of kindness” to the next level.

Taking “random acts of kindness” to the next level.

You might have encountered this crew of Verve employees around town as they dropped into area businesses to give local commerce a boost. Before Verve, you knew them as the
SWAT SQUAD, and they’ve been busy as ever giving back to the community via random acts of kindness—pun intended.

Assembled in the spirit of “people helping people,” the VIA team stops by local businesses to pay for people’s purchases, infusing money into our economy and lifting consumer spirits. After all, when it comes to stimulating commerce, it pays to pay it forward. Check out what the VIA team’s been up to!


ccvsApril-May-June%20Blog%20post-3Breakfast pro bono and Bradke’s

VIA stopped by Bradke’s Restaurant in Neenah one morning in April and picked up the check at several tables.






Dough for pizza dough at Joe’s Fox Hut

VIA surprised diners at this unique, Fond du Lac pizza joint, paying for several dinners in April.








Sherwood Forest Golf Club—this round’s on Verve

In the month of May, VIA teamed up with the owners of Sherwood Forest Golf Club to pay for 10 random golfers’ rounds and cards. The VIA crew also paid for several lunches at Hacker’s, the club’s pub & grill.




A VIA drop-in at Tom’s Drive In

VIA also made an appearance at Tom’s Drive In in Menasha during May and paid for several meals and brightening customers’ afternoons.





Lunches paid for at Stone Cellar in Appleton

VIA treated several lunch-goers at this subterranean brewpub in Appleton on June 18.