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According to Nerd Wallet, the average American household owes about $7,283 on credit cards, making credit cards the third biggest form of debt after mortgages and student loans. At Verve, we believe there’s no reason your hard-earned money should go toward paying interest on credit cards instead of retirement, an emergency fund or recreation. A balance transfer could save you money and help you pay down your debt faster.


Transferring balances to one low-interest credit card may also simplify your finances. If you have balances on multiple credit cards, can’t keep up with payments, and are accruing late fees, putting all your credit card debt onto one card may be a smart decision. You’ll have only one card to keep track of and one monthly payment.


While you’re looking at dealing with your credit card debt, take a moment to determine how you can avoid accumulating more debt in the future. Would it help to create a budget and cut back on spending as well as transferring balances?


When you’re ready to start saving money and pay debt off faster, take a look at transferring your balances to our RateFirst Visa®, a credit card with a rate as low as 8.15%, no annual fee and no balance transfer fee. The Verve RateFirst Visa® credit card can get you on your way to putting an end to credit card debt today.


Transfer high rate balances


APR = Annual Percentage Rate, current as of 6/30/15. Variable APR determined by adding a margin to the Prime rate, ranges from 8.15%-17.15%. Margin based on individual creditworthiness, may change after periodic credit reviews. Approval, loan terms, conditions based on credit qualifications. Rates, terms, conditions subject to change. Membership eligibility required. Ask for a complete RateFirst/RewardsFirst credit card disclosure.