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Verve rallied with Oshkosh students for the fun and powerful C.A.R.E. Day event.

cubeA celebration of all students’ unique abilities and a district-wide rally against bullying, the C.A.R.E. Day event took place on the Oshkosh West High School track on May 20. A whopping 140 students from the district’s K-12 Adapted Phy-Ed programs paired up with high-schoolers from Oshkosh West and North. These new buddies spent the day trying their hand at track and field activities, playing carnival games put on by the Oshkosh North Communities classes and, most importantly, cultivating new relationships.

Verve was lucky enough to attend this powerful, community-building event. We brought our cuBe truck along and were pumping out music with a dance party nearby. Kids could come inside the cuBe to check it out, and others played beanbag toss or washer toss outside.

Fostering empathy in a fun, learning environment helps lay the groundwork for a strong community, one we’re proud to be a part of. “Concern for Community” is one of our guiding, 7 Cooperative Principles, and we were thrilled to take part in an event where students gained new appreciation for different ability levels—and had a field day of fun doing it!