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Research papers for school can be boring. You may not like the topic you’re assigned or even care about it. What if you had the opportunity to research an event, item or place in your community and then have your discoveries placed on a mural for the whole community to see? That’s what some students at Oshkosh North did.

The Oshkosh Community Mural Gallery Walk project allowed Communities class students to choose something that they believed played a critical role in the history of Oshkosh. They then researched the topic to understand why it was so important. Once they finished the research, the next step was to present it live at a “gallery walk.”blog-people

The community was invited to come to admire and critique the students’ presentations. We were
happy to send a few of our team members to view the presentations and offer feedback. Students who participated honed their communication skills while learning more about their community. If you’re on Facebook, you can follow the updates to the mural project here.

The Communities class partnered with the Oshkosh Public Library and Oshkosh Community Foundation along with many others to make this happen. Our team members were able to provide professional feedback and learn a little more about Oshkosh at the same time. We love to take part in community events like these!