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In today’s world, sometimes it’s nice to get back to natural and avoid the preservatives and artificial sweeteners. That’s exactly what the Red Radish in Neenah is all about. NATURAL!

Located on South Commercial Street, the Red Radish offered a great opportunity for a SWAT SQUAD strike. Amy Marrazzo, who opened the natural foods store in 2003, wanted to supply items that would benefit the health and energy of those in her community. Since then, the Red Radish has continued to sell “real food” and other natural products.

The SQUAD recently converged on the Red Radish and brightened people’s day by paying for their purchases. One woman was especially thankful. She’d been up since 2 a.m. and it was around 3:00 p.m. when she stopped at the Red Radish. She was extremely tired, but stopped in to purchase a few of her favorite items regardless. When the SWAT SQUAD paid for her items, she was thrilled. She said the SQUAD had made her day!

Small acts of kindness DO go a long way. Be sure to check back often to see where the SWAT SQUAD strikes next!