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Attention! We have some exciting news for you! Now that fall is here, we can enjoy our days a little more. No more sticking to your leather car seats, say goodbye to sunburn, and leave those humid, can’t-breathe days behind. We like summer, but we couldn’t wait until fall came around to finally spread the news about our next big project.

It could be you! Here are 3 fabulous reasons that will make you want to be our Next Gen CHAMPION

1)   You get an iPhone, computer and video camera. For FREE. That’s that. You’ll use them for your CHAMPION social media updates…ok, ok, for personal use, too.

2)   You’ll be a leader. Looking for something terrific to put on your resume? BOOM! Here it is. As the CHAMPION, you’ll be tweeting, blogging and facebooking up a storm. People will naturally follow you since you’re the CHAMPION. Heck, we’ll be following you too! We’ll help you gain and maintain followers as long as you keep them engaged. You’ll be the source of daily laughs and financial education, as well as just sharing your day.

3)   You’ll be famous! (Maybe we’ll even get some wet concrete for you to put your hands in.) You’ll do media gigs and interview important people. You’ll be a voice for the credit union AND a voice for your generation. The best part? People will listen.

The benefits of being the Next Gen CHAMPION are endless. Do you have what it takes to be this awesome? Of course you do! Now go to our website and fill out the application. If you need more details, find them on the Next Gen page or contact Shannon, Mitchell or Bryce.