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The time had come to change the way the first day of school starts. Traditionally, kids exit the bus, still half-asleep, and walk slowly up to the school doors. Not that exciting. Time for the change…

We decided to show them that the first day of school can be exhilarating and fun and that’s exactly what Oshkosh North High School  allowed us to do. We brought our cuBe (don’t know what that is? ask us!), hooked up a speaker, blasted Pandora radio and tossed out water bottles. The student council partnered up with us for a dance party near the front doors.

We handed out over 500 bottles of water and brought a little fun to all the students entering the building for their first day. If you’re on Facebook, check out this video to see what the students experienced. Most came to the doors with a smile and extra pep in their step. A little change can do a lot for someone’s day!

The new, first day of school has been established. We love cooperating with the high school and their student council, and it was a blast letting the students know who we are. We’re not just stuck behind the doors of the credit union; we’re out in the community giving back. Thank you, Oshkosh North, for the opportunity to join you on the first day of the 2014-2015 school year and for partnering with us on all the upcoming events we have planned. It’ll be a great time!