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3…2…1… Time is running out on your chance to see a free concert! You don’t want the feeling that you didn’t do anything fun all summer, do you? Kick yourself into high gear and come hang out with us on August 12 at the Leach Amphitheater in Oshkosh. It’s the last Streaming [Live] at the Leach concert, featuring Auralai and The Guilty Wanted, and it’s FREE!

 Auralai is fronted by Stephanie Tschech singing original songs accompanied by her beloved cello, Cranky Agnes. Any performer who’s on a first name basis with their instrument is going to be terrific! Stephanie sings Indie “Pop-ish” music, using Cranky Agnes as a multi-instrument which means she plucks, strums and bows.

The Guilty Wanted, made up of four band members, started back in 2011 in Oshkosh. Rebecca Hoffman met Nate Lehner that year, and the idea for a new band was born. Together with Mitch Nehring, The Guilty Wanted was formed. A year later, guitarist Jesse Guildenvand was added. The quartet has come all the way to headlining at Summerfest this past June. Lehner describes the sound of The Guilty Wanted as “modern Americana.”

REMEMBER, this is the last free concert from Streaming [Live] at the Leach on Tuesday nights. We’ll be there handing out can koozies with tips on how to save money with our Payment Free Summer loan special!