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*** This is blog #5 in our five-part series about the collaborative merger involving CitizensFirst, Best Advantage and Lakeview Credit Unions.  If you’ve somehow stumbled upon this blog entry and not had the opportunity to check out #1- 4, here is a link to the beginning. ***

If you’re reading this, we’d like to say, “Thank you.” In most instances, you’re reading this because you’re a current member of CitizensFirst or you’re considering us as your financial partner. Again, thank you. 2014 has been an amazing year for all of us at Best Advantage, CitizensFirst and Lakeview Credit Unions. With the collaborative merger of three long-standing successful credit unions into one organization, we are truly stronger together.

With progress comes change. It’s inevitable. As we value transparency in all that we do, we’d like to let you know about some of the biggest changes that will affect you as a member.

1. We will be getting a new name and brand

If you’ve read any of the previous posts in this series, you know that Best Advantage, CitizensFirst and Lakeview all come from a rich history of cooperation and concern for community. While each of our stories is unique, our similarities are far greater than our differences.  We feel a new name best represents the truly collaborative nature of this merger. A new name and brand unifies us all and demonstrates the “Stronger Together” end result of the merger. We thought about Best Lake Citizens Credit Union for all of five seconds, but that would just be plain ridiculous.

2. Your account numbers won’t change (much)

If you ever went through getting a new cell phone before cloud computing was as big as it is now, you probably remember the pains of importing your contacts list onto your new phone. Now, imagine that you have 50,000 contacts and you have to keep all of that information straight.

Because each of our credit unions used similar numbering systems, there are duplicate account numbers. As it is our goal to always keep your personal and financial information safe and secure, we have identified a solution that will maximize the number of members who won’t have to change their account number. Because they represent the largest group, members of CitizensFirst will likely not have their account numbers changed.

At this time, it is our intention to add prefixes to the account numbers for members from Best Advantage and Lakeview Credit Unions. The prefixes will be three digits in length, taking your existing account number and adding a prefix such as “200” or “100.” As we maneuver through an operating system conversion, we may need to make some changes and therefore, we cannot say definitively that this will be our final solution. We will be sure to communicate any upcoming changes with our members as quickly as possible.

3. Things are about to get really awesome

You are now a member of one of Wisconsin’s largest credit unions. While bigger does not always equal better in financial services, it does in our case. By 2015, all members of the credit union will be able to transact business at one of our 10 branch locations. We know that convenience is important to our members, so we are extremely excited to make banking with us easier.

We will be upgrading online banking and mobile apps to allow our members to take care of more of their personal finance needs without visiting a branch. Our online banking system will be upgraded, giving members more ways to take care of their banking needs, including applying for loans and savings accounts, checking balances and transaction history, viewing cleared checks and more!

We look forward to going on this exciting journey with our member-owners! Thank you again for choosing us and please be sure to check our blog now and again to see what’s new at your credit union.